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    [UK] Colocation and dedicated servers - Crazy deals! (from 30)

    1U + 1mbit 95%ile + Remote reboot port (or 200GB/Month transfer) - £30/Month
    1U + 2mbit 95%ile + Remote reboot port (or 500GB/Month transfer) - £50/Month
    1U + 4mbit 95%ile + Remote reboot port (or 1000GB/Month transfer) - £70/Month

    We have the following Unmetered colocation deals currently:
    10mbit unmetered connection + 1U Rackspace - £100/Month
    100mbit unmetered connection + 1U Rackspace - £400/Month

    1/4 Rack's - From £150/Month (FREE Setup)
    1/2 Rack's - From £250/Month (FREE Setup)
    Full Rack's - From £350/Month (£900 Setup spread over 6 months)

    Dedicated Servers:
    Intel Celeron 2.66Ghz
    512MB Ram
    APC Remote reboot port
    +10mbit unmetered - £200/Month
    +100mbit unmetered - £400/Month

    AMD Sempron 2500+
    512MB Ram
    APC Remote reboot port
    +10mbit unmetered - £200/Month
    +100mbit unmetered - £400/Month

    Other options available - Please contact for details.

    What differs ikcs from the rest?
    - All servers are on remote reboot ports
    - All servers have kvm over ip access
    - Our servers are located in the UK
    - Our Transit suppliers offer us a 100% Uptime agreement
    - We offer 24/7 Support
    - We can provide details of existing (Nominated) Clients who would be quite happy to share their experience with us.
    - We offer a 7 Day Money back Guarantee

    Direct Admin is £10/Month extra - Test our speeds with this 50MB download. - Test IP

    Other packages are available upon request!

    We will also price match any other company that says they can provide the same services we do cheaper.

    E-Mail [email protected] or call 01493 749054 with any questions you may have, for a custom quote or to place an order.
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    Do you have any restrictions on what hardware you will colocate?
    Is it possiable to get a telephone line ran to a rack when colocating (to plugin to the colocated hardware)?
    What is the mobile phone reception like in your facility (where the actual racks are).
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    We've colocated clients with this requirement before, We can get telephone lines ran to rackspace yes. Mobile phone reception is fine, previous clients had a bank of gsm modems testing every provider available in the uk.

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    Just simply going off line and not telling anyone? This is not all they do

    Anyone thinking of hosting with these guys think again. I ordered a full rack for the end of August. It was not delivered with the IP range I had asked for. No proactive contact from them saying 'sorry it will be this date' just no contact.

    I lost customers.

    I already have services in Redbus and needed to expand. In addition, I felt hosting with another company and in another location would add redundancy and therefore I tried to resolve the issue.

    I Contacted Lawrence and asked him when the latest was it would be ready.' Friday the following week' he replied. Therefore I made my excuses and told my customers next Friday was the latest it would be ready.

    The following Thursday I had heard nothing so I called. 'Will have the IP range etc tomorrow'. Friday came and went. So did Saturday, Sunday and Monday. On Tuesday I took a second Cabinet in Redbus as I simply could not wait and already had cost me more customers and more money.

    To add insult to injury, I have still not been refunded my money 525.00 which I paid up front. I have started proceedings with the small claims court in Brentwood Essex but have been advised it could take a little while to get them closed down/ my money back.

    To think I even gave them space on one of my servers in redbus to host their IKCS.NET domain and Email whilst they were in transition and I still get treated like this.

    I hope no one else has to go through the same unprofessional approach to business and hence, post this now. Knowing this 'Lawrence' as I do, I am looking forward to his reply to this post with no doubt a new set of excuses or something that was my fault. Let's wait and see...

    Justin Johnson -

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