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    Exclamation Log Policy

    I have a site hosted by a company who use DonHost, and not long after my site was transferred to their servers, the bandwidth used quadrupled while page hits and file requsets fell. This was not a gradual event either, just one day!

    The log files supplied by my host are not complete and only show the top xxx of xxx of all of the categories supplied.

    Concerned I was going way over my bandwidth allotment, I e-mailed the host to find out if there was any particular set of files that were eating up the bandwidth, and if they could supply me with the raw log files for the last two months

    They told me that they don't retain the log files at all, so all I can go on are the graphical stats on my CP. They also told me that the bandwidth explosion was due to a set of java games, so I moved these to another server, and have temporarily renamed the files on the original server. However, I find the badnwidth has once again jumped, and this is attributable to increased page hits.

    Is it possible that companies can fraudulently augment user's stats so that they have to pay for more bandwidth?
    Disclaimer: I am not alledging that these practices are taking place, I just want to know your views

    Is there a code of conduct or regulatory body anywhere (Like Oftel in the UK who regulate telecomms) for hosting companies?

    Should raw log files be made available for inspection by the client within a certain time period say?

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    only thing I notice is that even when I hit the back button the thumbnails reload...

    i'm too tired to see anything else that could be doing it tho...

    I'd say that you should be able to view the raw log files, though they tend to be very large.

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    yes most host do allow you to see the raw log files. It is more like an traditonal whats the word ? ( mandatory ) thing to do.
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    Generating log files is just a small job for a hosting provider. Ideally with archives as well. If anything - for security reasons.

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