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    skyrocketed disk usage?

    I do not know how this happened, earlier today sda1 was 49% full, now its 82%! This is a 300GB disk, so you get the idea. Mial queue is empty. Not sure how to find out where this came from

    /var/log/auditd is empty
    mail queue is empty
    no accounts setup today on this box (actually, one terminated)

    This is a reseller box, 750 accounts. However, the first 20 are only 25gb, the rest amounting to about 20gb tops.

    /var/log is only 1.2gb

    Device    Total Space    Space Used    Space Available    Percentage Used    Mounted On
        /dev/sda1    99M    22M    72M    24%    /boot
        /dev/sda3    270G    208G    49G    82%    /

    [email protected] [/var/log]# du -csh * .max-depth=0 | sort -rn | head -10
    du: cannot access `.max-depth=0': No such file or directory
    916K    cpanel-install-thread0.log
    592K    exim_paniclog
    508K    lastlog
    380K    cpanel-install-thread1.log
    276K    maillog
    268K    apf_log.5
    223M    exim_mainlog.1
    221M    maillog.4
    180K    clam-update.log
    176K    apf_log.1
    [email protected] [/var/log]# cd
    [email protected] [~]# du -csh * .max-depth=0 | sort -rn | head -10
    du: cannot access `.max-depth=0': No such file or directory
    772K    rkhunter
    636K    chkrootkit
    536K    strace.postgresadmin
    492K    modsecurity-apache_1.9.4.tar.gz
    444K    apf-0.9.6-1
    356K    sim-2.5-3
    228K    bfd-0.8
    216K    prm-0.5
    212K    mytop-1.4
    161M    total

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    du -bcsh /* that'll give ya a summary on folder size, go down the list to locate what's causing it.
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    Just restart the daemons used by the OS. The reason for the discrepancy is that you've deleted files but not restarted the daemons that log to them, so as far as the OS is concerned the space is still occupied. You need to restart all the services whose logs you have cleared down.

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    A soft server reboot can often help you to fix this.
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    A soft server reboot can often help you to fix this.
    Normally, it should. I just tried to help you avoid downtime

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    Reboot did nothing to fix it. What services are you talking about ?

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    Weird, its at 100% now!

    Also see attached
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails cpu.gif  

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    I just realized this is happening on other servers, same config.

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    Now people are getting 553 Disk full - please upload later on ftp uploads

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    I really need help on this

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    Are you sure it is the log files creating problem?? -Transparent Technical Support for Webhosts
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    cd /
    du --max-depth=1 -h
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