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    Server Ram Question-

    I have a question about servers and what resources are best to upgrade. I have a website that has about 30,000-40,000 visitors a day and that is spread across 4 servers, which also share some smaller sites.

    Two of those servers are:

    Server A a Pentium 930 - 3.0Ghz and 1GB ram
    -Runs about 3-4 medium sized MySQL databases with Plesk.


    Windows Pentium 930 - 3.0Ghz with 1GB.
    -Runs a more active MSSQL Express database

    If i was looking to speed up the servers a bit, would a 1GB ram increase be worth it? Or is it better to get a better processor?

    My idea (which i've read from others) is to spread the load out among different smaller servers, but what do you do, when those smaller servers slow down and you end up just explanding, explading if all of these smaller servers?

    Thank you for your help.

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    You should really get a better processor. It'll make a huge difference.

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