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    MRTG - Monitoring Specific Ports

    I just installed mrtg and set up basic monitoring with the default cfgmaker settings. I've been looking around trying to find info on how to monitor a specific port, but I haven't found much. Can anyone explain exactly what I need to do to achieve this? An example would be most appreciated, but any info on how to go about doing this would be great. I saw some examples on mrtgworld I believe, but they didn't show how to make them. Particuarly one that listed multiple game servers and the number of connections for each using the port. I want to monitor the amount of traffic and number of connections. I am using windows server 2003. I still don't understand alot about how mrtg works so please be specific.

    Thanks in advance...

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    With the Target keyword you tell mrtg what it should monitor. The Target keyword takes arguments in a wide range of formats

    The most basic format is ``port:[email protected]'' This will generate a traffic graph for the interface 'port' of the host 'router' (dns name or IP address) and it will use the community 'community' (snmp password) for the snmp query.
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