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    Email transfer tool needed

    I am looking for a tool/shell script that will log into the old server (after a transfer) and download all the emails off it and put it in the correct email account on the new server.

    Anyone know anything that could help me do this?
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    it seems on line ;)
    I am not sure if it will work on your server but I have it done several times, even from unix to a windows PC and it worked. But it depends on your hosts' environments

    Most unix/linux platforms have the <mail> directory. You could tar it preserving permissions, then ftp to your new host, then untar it to the same location, preserving permissions.

    Do not delete your original <mail> directory, and backup your new host's <mail> directory first

    If you use webmail it might be different because of the email clients your hosts provide

    Hope it helps
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    If your mailboxes are using imap, I would recommend IMAPSync.

    I recently used it to transfer 2GB of emails from one server to another - it worked great!

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