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    Paying extreem ammounts of cash post quick

    Hello, I am looking to make an web based rpg game such as this one, www.******.com. I would like to have most of the same features and some extra ones also.

    Avaliable Jobs:
    Php Coder - You will need to be extreemly telented
    Web designer - I would like a telented designer that can make my site profesional looking.
    Bata Testers - You will need to play the game to the fullest and try to find bugs in the game. You will be paid for each bug you find.

    These are some of the jobs that we need, if you have any ideas on how you can help please post it, email me at [email protected], or aim me on darksocom112.

    Thankyou for your consern.
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    I can provide the design and php work. I a full working RPG source already, or can write a new one from scratch Depending on what you need.

    I have sent you an email.

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