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    cheapest domain reseller provider?


    Who is the cheapest domain reseller provider?

    I know OnlineNIC offers .com, .net, .org for $6,69/y. Is there any cheapest available?


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    I think 1and1 is the cheapest, $6 per domain
    they're pretty bad as a domain registrar, so I would pay $2 more and go with godaddy
    if you're buying in bulk you can use several godaddy coupons and get 10% off the entire order

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    knopix, I am not aware that 1and1 are providing domain *reeller* accounts. Any specific links to that service?

    To answer the original question... I think RegisterFly is still giving away 6.50 accounts: They are NOT recommended though.
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    sorry stan (which is my name also), I didnt realize the thread starter was interesting in reselling domains

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