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    Cheap tower server colocation?

    I need about 1000-1500GB of bandwidth, any type, for a mini tower server.

    My budget is around $80.

    Preferred location - Chicago or Dallas

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    Won't let me edit, so here goes:

    I don't need 1000 gb of bandwidth.
    I'm going to host 1 game server, so I'll need like 300-700 gb of bandwidth.
    I'll also be hosting 2 IceCast server on it.

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    You'll probably need alot of bandwidth if you have streaming....

    If every feed is 128kbps and your hosting 25 clients thats 3.2mbps (over 1000GB)...I believe thats how it works for icecast, correct me if I'm wrong

    And you will not find 300-1000GB & a mid-tower for $80 if you need a good network for game servers. You can find the cheapos sure but you want good pings and reliability, don't you?

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