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    Have you ever done this with phpBB?


    I am going nuts with my project, partially because I chose to make it so damn complicated lol

    Anyway, so I wanted to sort of merge ExpressionEngine CMS with phpBB forum...kind of done. Then I needed to create multi-site functionality. EE was designed for this - 30 seconds, done. phpBB on the other hand....

    I needed the same forum to be able to be accessed from several different domains (sort of a network kind of thing). I found a mod that allowed this, and I installed it, debugged a bit and I was able to access the forum from two different domains, and the links would be correct for each domain. (Meaning, would show posts as, and would be This was what I wanted.

    THEN, (and here's where I shoot myself) I needed each forum to have its own style...or something, not sure how to phrase it. Basically, each domain has nothing to do with each other, so I want to give each "entrance" its own logo/text/theme etc. There's a mod that partially allows this I think, where you can change the logo, but I'm not sure about an entire theme.
    Off the top of my head, (I haven't verified this yet) I might be able to put in some custom code somewhere so that right before it renders the page, I tell it to pick a certain theme depending on which domain it was accessed from..

    My question (other than help! lol) is has anyone ever attempted this and succeeded? Or am I just drowning myself slooooowly...
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    This looks better in the Technical Forum

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