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    NameCheap vs Moniker


    From what I've read, NameCheap and Moniker are two of the most recommended registrars/resellers here. Can I get everyone's opinion on which company do you preferred more and more importantly, why do you think so? (Not which company is better for me)

    I've come to a somewhat odd conclusion about the two companies based on what I've read on WHT and my own experiences with both. I'd like to see if everyone's opinions confirms my conclusion or proves it wrong.

    Thanks guys!

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    Two good choices, imho.

    Moniker has the reputation of being the securest registrar, and claim never to have had a domain stolen from one of their clients. However, I think if you turn on NameCheap's security features, they are almost comparable (but not quite). You get the emails when changes are made with NameCheap's security features turned on. Very helpful.

    Personally, I don't like Moniker. It takes over a minute for a simple login (I guess they're checking my ip address or something). I also don't really care for Moniker's cluttered and clumsy control panel.

    On the other hand... the more I use NameCheap, the more I like them.

    NameCheap are reseller for eNom whereas Moniker are a registrar in their own right. NameCheap have aquired their own registrar but as far as I can tell, they aren't using it yet.
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    Moniker is an ICANN accredited registrar, Namecheap is an enom reseller, end of story.

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    I happen to use both as well. They're both good, although namecheap's interface is
    easier for me to work my way through.

    Incidentally I've discovered a few things about moniker that makes me see why their
    security measures are so darn strict. By knowing these things (which I'm sorry to say
    I can't reveal since registrars want as less people as possible to know them exactly),
    I'm able to lessen potential headaches and be able to sleep more knowing domain
    names with them are 99% safe.

    I'll tell you what: if you're aiming for cheap and believe you'll hardly need support, go
    with namecheap. But if you're willing to pay extra for support (especially being able
    to call them on business days at no-cost), then go with moniker.

    (I wish I'd say 100% but no one's perfect. )

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    Namecheap, they are great !

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    Namecheap all the way!

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    i would personally reccomend NameCheap, because i like their interface and how easy to use it is, but my opinion doesn't really count here because i've never used Moniker so i can't compare them :p

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    I really doubt I'd need help on anything that I am at least capable of doing but I'm willing to pay more for support and for a trustworthy registrar unlike company which starts with a G and ends with a Y.

    I guess I will have to discover what makes Moniker so "secure" myself. Now, to reveal my what I've discovered - Moniker seems to be preferred registrar over namecheap by some of the trusted members on this domain forum like stu2. But, I've had this issue which required me to call them and I found that they don't have phone support outside of normal business hours. I thought this was weird at first and seemed like a bad sign. Now that I think about it, NameCheap only has email based support anyhow, so phone support is defintely better than nothing.

    Now, the issue I've had with Moniker was that I was trying to transfer my domain from NameCheap to them. Their system went through the normal procedure and sent the initial transfer email to the email listed as the whois. But guess what....they sent the email to [email protected] instead of my actual whois email. It seems like they just sent the email to the first address they found on the whois page. Unless this was intentional, this is a pretty simple mistake that such a reputable company should not be making. This doesn't give me an impression that they can do things right.

    What do you guys think?

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    When I transferred to Moniker they sent the email to [email protected], Obviously I needed them to send it to my email addy, so I emailed Moniker explaining the problem and they then emailed me the correct transfer documentation. I was somewhat worried about the delay, thinking registerfly could tamper with the transfer process, but it all went fine, and now I'm with Moniker.

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    Namecheap unless you need special domains like .name and all of that jazz.


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    For wholesale buyers, Moniker does lower .com's to under $7. Moniker also has a 4 day 'cancellation' feature which is good for names where you want to test if it gets traffic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ssp345
    Moniker seems to be preferred registrar over namecheap by some of the trusted members on this domain forum like stu2.
    Quote Originally Posted by stu2
    Personally, I don't like Moniker.
    I don't recommend Moniker, but I respect their secure reputation, and the reputation of those who use and recommend them.
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