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    * The Boss Double Dared Me Last Night to Sell Some Domains CHEAP!!!!!

    The Boss Double Dared me last night to proved that
    this forum is effective for selling domains-Therefore you save.

    This offer expires on Tuesday midnight MDT, All domains are to be paid for using (no e-checks), or other agreed arrangements prior to Wednesday Noon, MDT.

    Domains will be delivered within three business hours after payment is received.

    Naturally all domains are subject to prior sale. We have an 80 plus rating on

    On request we will provide you with our banking reference which is the senior vice
    president at the local bank where we have done business for over 12 years.

    The Program:

    Go to
    pick and search through our 6,000 domains for sale. 3,000 Surnames and Personal names, 3,000 Sharp, Top Notch, Descriptive, Generic Domain names divided into over 150 catagories. 90% are dot com, nice selection of three and four character names!

    Package #A, Buy one, get 50% off.

    Package #B, Buy one at full price,
    get two domain names of the same or lesser value for FREE

    Package #C, Buy two at full price,
    get five domain names of the same of lesser value for FREE ( ie, pick seven names,
    pay for the highest price two and the other five are free)

    Package #1, Buy any 25 Domains
    for $5,000 ( not included)

    Package #2, Buy any 50 Domains
    for $7,500 ( not included)

    Package #3, Buy any 100 Domains
    for $10,000 ( not included)

    Or make an offer on any package that you create. Use a private message if you wish. All offers will be responded to by Wednesday morning.

    Rules for the GOLD RUSH:

    Send the PayPal payment to Payment (shift 2) Where shift2 = @ for the correct amount.

    Then post something like "I just bought ----" on this forum. In case of duplicate purchases. Order of payment received will decide.

    Making an offer does not give you a priority. That is why we may not repond to your offer before Wednesday, when we know what we still own.

    We will be available for telephone and online chat during this promotion. See Website.

    Happy Hunting

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    * Feedback Please.

    Let's Make a Deal !!!!

    The boss and I both have tough skins. 50 visitors and no nibbles. Many of these domains have been registered for 3 or more years. Let's start a dialogue and see what happens. Any ideas on what is worth?

    If you visit our website during business hours, please do not be suprised or offended if we invite you to chat, just say "Not Now" and we will leave you alone to visit in peace.

    Anyone want to make an offer on 100 domains of your choice????

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    * Brand New Offer, Lower Prices!!!

    So I lost the first dare, but I don't give up. We cannot start a new thread until Monday so here is a chance for great bargains till then.

    Make an offer, any offer on one or a group of domains. These are fantastic generic domains ready to be put to work.

    Our family surname domains would make great christmas presents.

    ignore the posted prices, make your own offer on one or a group of names.
    We will try and keep the sold status updated as they are sold.

    For guidence only and depending on the exact domains you are thinking about consider the following ranges:

    Family surnames:
    $150 each
    $300 for three, that is $100 each

    Generic names:
    $200 each,
    $500 for three, that is $167 each
    $1,000 for seven, that is $143 each
    $2,000 for twenty, that is $100 each
    $3,000 for forty, that is $75 each
    $5,000 for one hundred, that is $50 each

    Three and Four Characters and Short and Snappy.
    Go for it, use your judgement.

    This feeding feast ends on Monday unless canceled sooner.

    Have fun.

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