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    advice for free file hosting script and servers


    I'm looking forward to open in the next 2 weeks a free file hosting site using yabsoft's mega file hosting script since it's the only one that has multi servers support. I was thinking to host it with a dedicated server from

    Any advice ?

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    uh.. nobody ? ok, if you don't want to give me any tips with servers, i'm waiting for other recommendations to host a free file upload site for a medium budget.

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    I would strongly suggest you do a search on APlus here. There is a few horror stories there. As for the other things :

    #1 ) Bandwidth - Find a cheap provider with cogent in the bandwidth mix. Generally they give the cheapest pricing for these kind of projects.

    #2 ) Stick to your budget - I've seen quite a few file hosting companies go bust in three months because they start to spend close to their earnings to keep up.

    #3 ) Big Harddrives + Raid - Gives you performance and gives you security.

    There is more, but I'm short on time for free advise
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    and your recommendations are ... ? any advice is appreciated !

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    81 are bad,
    never go with them they always ask money....
    i hate them
    fdcservers seems gud

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