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    Question Rewrite rule in .htaccess file take too much process

    I have installed a forum named “WWWThreads” this is static forum . and its has rewrite rule in .htaccess file

    But I am getting 500 error to run this static version . This WWWThreads can also be used changing to dynamic url version option in admin panel and removing rewrite rule in .htaccess file and I see dynamic url version is working good ..

    But I see many people is using this static version and this forum is working good with no error .

    my hosting provider told me that you site is take to much process .We have a limit of 60 cpu seconds within a 3 minute window for any process to run, as well as a 20% limit that any process can use at any given time.

    After that I have tried by others static url scripts which has rewrite rule in .htaccess this also getting 500 error . So what does it mean all static site is taking to much process .

    Please Help any Idea ???

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    I don't think this is the proper section to ask technical question of that nature.
    And for any technical question, you should provide more info if you dream about
    getting helpful/precise responses.

    Normally, RewriteRule itself wouldn't consume lots of server resources.
    Even the smallest ph script would use up lots more memory and CPU time,
    as PHP is a badly written language and it's slow and heavy.

    But you can create a really bad chains of long long RewriteRules, too.
    Since PHP is a wasteful language, the users of PHP tend to ignore efficiency.
    And I've seen terribly long sets of RewriteRules.
    Still, that alone would not cause 500 errors nor CPU time overage, IMO.

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