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    Host UK vs. Host US....??

    What if any, are the problems with leasing web space from a host in Europe vs. a host here in the states? Are there negatives to this other than support issues?

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    I don't see what difference it makes, even for support issues.
    A good host in any country will always be better than a bad host that is somewhere else.

    If you have some hosts in mind, ask them some questions, find out how much they know & how fast they answer, then go for the host you feel most comfortable with.

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    I wouldn't see too many problems. Unless:

    You anticipate needing a lot of support.
    Since you would be several time zones away, you would be further away from support in the evening, which may not be available 24x7 (although email is, they won't respond).

    THe other problem is connectivity. I suppose that isn't much of a problem these days now that everyone is wired, but I'm not sure how much connectivity there is between UK and US. (I have avoided foreign internet access like crazy, when I connect to foreign services, it takes forever)

    Other than that, the only other problem might be the NSA

    Once data leaves the US, it is under the NSA (national security administration)'s jurisdiction. Unless you are a wacko terrorist, or distributing something illegal, like 256 bit encryption to the Solviet0Wannabe'sthat still mill Russia, I don't think you'll have any problem unless world crisis errupts and the US is cut off from external communication. Even then you'd probably have access to Canada, and through canada something else. (Put that on your top 10 unlikely events)

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    UK's data transfer is quite expensive! ... that's what my friend Daniel Conlon said ...

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    I live in the United Kingdom, and to be honest, I work all my hosting deals or whatever out in $$$. Through the pass year in my web hosting expirances I found using US $$$ is cheaper and easier to work with rather than UK £££.

    Over here in the UK, alot of the hosts charge an awful lot for storage space and bandwidth, and usually with the packages you don't even get full or unlimited features; its mostly narrowed down to 10 POP3, 2 FTP acounts, 8 MySQL etc...

    I haven't really thought about this, but I registered a domain ( a few months back, and it cost me £9 for 2 years. Thats about $14. Is that how much it is for a 2 year domain in $$$?

    Anyway, my point; stick to america when working with hosting deals, and if your looking for a dedicated, make sure you get akot of details about where it is be stored etc if its in the UK.

    Thanks for reading this. Remember, sort business out in $$$!

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    I would go with your own country for legal reasons, but thats just me.

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    Do I know Daniel Conlon? I'm just wondering, because I have heard that name before...

    But back on topic, I would not worry about support: good support is good support anywhere, doesn't matter whether it's being provided from the US or UK. Of course the same applies for bad support as well. - Reliable Web Hosting with magical support
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    Avara, im not sure if your joking, im tired and brain hasnt woken up yet.....Daniel Conlon is Donhosts owner.

    Anyway personally i go with UK companied because thats where i am, but having said that 2 of teh companies i use have their servers in the USA anyway. I just prefer paying in £ it gets rid of exchange rate problems and fluctuaions and tech support is in the same time zone as me.

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