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    Anyone else using redplaid having a lot of issues this weekend? Yesterday we had a few hours of serious packet loss and at times no connectivity. Then things got better in the evening. Today (Sunday) seems like the same issues all over again. I have not been able to get much info from support. Anyone else have any further information?

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    We had the same problems - I opened a ticket on Saturday afternoon and got a few "we're looking into responses" and then this earlier today:

    > Comment by Support at 09/17/06 01:55:56 PM CDT
    > We have detected a DDOS attack affecting an upstream provider. We are currently
    > taking steps to mitigate the attack. At this time, all of our engineering
    > resources are working to resolve the problem.

    The network is back online now (although it still seems a bit slow); it is very disconcerting that the outages lasted so long and that it took them this long to fix the problem (assuming that it is fixed) . I realize that DDOS attacks are hard to prevent/mitigate but still... We also didn't receive any emails warning of a problem or any monitor alerts.

    Our stats went down to near zero during the problem times and I couldn't even get to our load balancer control panel most of the afternoon today. We just launched a new website ( floaterstv dot com ) and it's a particularly bad time to have it go down, both for our users as well as our developers.

    We've been using them for about a month and while they are generally responsive, we've had a lot of little problems that are starting to make me wonder if they have a quality-control problem overall.

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    We have been with them for about 2 months now. We were there for the first DDOS attack in mid-July. Then they had a lot of network issues because of some switch problems. We had a rough start with them, but then everything started to settle down until we had all of these issues this weekend. I was really hoping for better reliability with them given that we are paying a decent amount for our server. I was hoping to get the level of service we were paying for. It was a major effort to move all of our applications over to them so I really hope they get there problems resolved. I don't want to have to move to another provider, and at this point I wouldn't even know who to go to. I just want my server to stay up so I can concentrate on other things like running my business.

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    We had more problems early this morning, not a good sign - I would be interested to hear more about others' experiences with DDOS attacks and how long service interruptions last. It just seems by the 3rd day of this, they should have worked out some solution. The traceroutes I've done seem to slow down with Level3, so I don't know if they are part of the problem -- we haven't been able to get specific feedback from RedPlaid.

    I've been working on a site for about 6 months that just launched on their servers so the recent events have been a real concern and more than just an "inconvenience" as it was referred to by our sales rep there.

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    Down Again

    This is just nuts, 3 days now of non stop problems. I really expected so much more from them.

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    Just as an update to this thread. Apparently most of the issues were with their provider (Level 3) doing some strange routing. It caused a lot of problems over 3 days. Things seem to be back to normal now. Also they did give all customers a service credit for the downtime.

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    Considering sigining up with them. Are people still having problems with them?

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    They have been awesome for us lately. I think they did a lot of work on their network and now things are much better! We have had 100% uptime for over a month now.

    The only problem we ever had were network issues. Their support is awesome! I have had most of my tickets answered within 10 minutes. And their hardware is great, they cost a little more than the discount hosts but I think you get a lot for your money, hardware firewall, remote access card, remote reboot....

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