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    Arrow Domain Name & Website for sale!

    Currently on Ebay. Click on the following link to read the entire description or place a bid.

    I have a domain name and website for sale.

    Domain Name:

    Description: is a fully automated, online domain name generator plus much more. There are two main sections.

    DNGenerator Pro - Use this to generate domain names using keywords you select. DN Pro will merge your keywords together or you can choose to merge them with preselected word types.
    Choose to insert hyphens, swap keywords for more results, and even hide taken domain names. You can type in multiple keywords seperated by spaces.

    DNGenerator Plus - DN Plus is similar to DN Pro, but in less steps. Type in one or multiple keywords and choose your options. DN Pro will merge dozens of preset popular keywords with your own keywords to generate hundreds of domain names.

    From the domain name generator to the registration, everything is automated. also has an expired domain name list, domain name account manager, and support all operated through the Dotster affiliate program, so there's no interaction or additional work by you.

    I've also added the SnapBack service from When a domain name is found and is taken, a visitor can opt to monitor the domain name so when it expires, they will have the opportunity to have it instantly registered using's service. It is set up through their affiliate program that pays out 15%.

    The logo is unique since it is Flash. If you look closely, the little gears rotate.

    There is a powerful banner rotation script that is browser-based and very easy to add and track unlimited banners. It is set up so you can advertise your own banners or sell banner space by setting up individual accounts. Banner clients have their own area to view their stats. Too many features to type here. It would be an excellent source to advertise your hosting company and/or services.

    I think this site would be a great compliment to any hosting company. The domain registrations can direct to your own site or you can keep it where it is. Currently, it is set up to earn $3 per registration via the affiliate program through Dotster.

    I'm not much of a marketer, so I focus on what I do best, which is build sites and sell them to people that have the time and money to market and promote. This one wouldn't be hard to get traffic going to it, especially if you just added it to your own network of sites. It has many features and many people will enjoy using it.

    Price: No less than $500.00 / First $1500.00 gets it.

    All offers from this forum will be considered and if it is high enough, I'll end the auction early. You can either post an offer or PM/Email me.

    If I accept an offer I will announce that the site has been sold. I won't mention names or what is was bought for.

    Feel free to reply with any questions.

    Thanks for your time and I'm looking forward to using WHT more often.
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