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    Hii all :

    I have just launched this new service for Professiobal scripts uploading and installation .

    Under the brand name of

    Check out the site design, and pls do comment on the info and the pricing structure !

    thanks much in advance


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    Very clean layout and I like it very much. I'm now officaly a fan of the layout. hehe..

    Anyway, you have a good concept for your website and I like that. Something thought up that isn't popular.

    Your prices are a bit steep, because I usually install vBulletin, XMB, phpBB myself, for free for people. I would suggest bring your prices down. Maybe to about $10.
    If it was cheaper I may consider getting a vbulletin, because I am in search of a kind web hosting website to host a vb for me for free.. to that I could do testing templates on.

    I recommend you put previews and samples of the forums, so people can view before purchase.

    Anyway, good luck and very nice website and content all together. I would aim it at a good 8/10 for its style set for a website.

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    Pics of the forums before purchase?

    That's what the forum makers websites are for...that's where they'll be purchasing the will just install it for you once you've purchased I don't see the need for pics of the forums. You're not trying to sell the forums, just installation.

    Anyways the site looks good. And I didn't think the prices were too bad.
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    Hii again !

    Thanks for your reviews !

    Thanks for liking the pricing and also the info with the layout there !

    Regarding more info on each script and a preview...I am planning for a seperate site(s) for forums and blog its just a matter of linking to those new sites. Untill then, i feel, I can do without that...or may be with little info on each script.
    I feel, people come to my site only after deciding which script they want to get installed...and I also, i don't recommend any script in particular, unless the owners or creators have a special deal with us !

    More reviews most welcome.

    Thanks much


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    are you hiring script installers?

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    As such we are not hiring script installers...but if you want to you can partner with us.

    take a look at oru partners page here

    As a partner, you can help us diagonise if there are any installation problems online and you will be paid per installation or client basis !


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    btw, it lists vBull as cgi + mysql.. i'm pretty sure that its php

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