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    Smile Requesting Review of My Site

    Hi Guys

    I think its time to get a review of my site here at WHT.

    While this might not be the most intuitive or attractive design at first glance, as compared to all other wallpaper websites. This time I decided not to go with a flash logo. Along with layout & design improvements, I have also added few new features for the members. So you have to register to see them in action.

    Any thoughts, criticisms, reviews of this website will be highly appreciated.
    Please tell me about the placement of my AdSense Ads.

    Let me know how can I improve it? What else would you like to see in it. (Other Categories)
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    Some my ideas:
    1. The design is like a nature site
    2. Improve search system - so I could search in several categories for some name
    3. Create wallpaper QUALITY parameter - some wallpapers are not in good quality
    4. mm, think that's all - will write else if some minds will appear
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    Very well done and aesthetically pleasing. I was able to find the wallpapers I was interested in quickly and effortlessly.
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    Nice site... I forgot I was looking it over... lol... I downloaded a mac background for my win xp machine... nice....
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    Thanks for the ideas.
    1) Yes, at the moment, the header gives you a nature site impression. I will be changing it soon.
    2) If you go for "Advance Search" you can get this option.
    3) Working on it. I know initially I added few wallpapers that perhaps shouldn’t be on a quality site.

    @WebHostWoman & hekwu
    Thanks a lot. All I need is a little appreciation
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