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    Options after free 3 year 1and1 expires

    I signed up 3 years ago for the free 3 year 1and1 professional hosting package. During those 3 years I only needed to pay $5.99 every year to keep my domain registered.

    My domain expires 10/03/06, which means that my free hosting expires at about this time.

    I have a few questions for people who had this 3 years free hosting deal:

    1.) At expiration does 1and1 offer some kind of extension plans (competitively priced)?
    2.) If I just let the package expire on 10/03/06 and do no re-register the domain with 1and1, how soon can I use some other domain registrar service to register the same domain?
    3.) I only used my domain/hosting for pop3 access, using about 8 different email accounts for my family members, the website wasn't used much at all. Does it make sense to sign up for the cheapest 1and1 plan that is currently offered at $2.24/month to keep this hosting, or is it an overkill for what I use it for?
    4.) With 1and1's cheapest hosting plan (currently $2.24/mo) they say they offer free domain registration. Does that mean that if I sign up with them, they would extend my current domain registration for free, thus saving me the $5.99/yr that I currently pay?
    5.) Would it make more sense to just let me old domain expire on 10/03 and take the netfirms $10/yr offer that is currently available?

    Thank you for your input!

    P.S. During those 3 yrs of service I've never had a problem with 1and1 - so please no horror stories. I don't use the services much (besides pop3 access), so that might be why I didn't experience any website downtimes, since I use my website maybe a few times a month.

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    if you have never had any issue with 1&1 i recommend you stay with them, choose a hosting package that suits your needs best.
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    1 - 5 are questions you should be asking 1&1. Only you can decide on 5.

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    Normally, you would want to have your domain transferred to a registrar of your choice, this is so that 1&1 can't hold it as a hostage if you decide to switch hosts. I've seen mixed reviews about 1&1 lately, but if you're not having problems, then go for it. However, do note that if you let the domain expire, it will be some time before you can register it again, unless you don't mind getting a new name for netfirms or something.
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    1. I would not wait until the last minute. 1and1 tends to be *bit* slow with their processing so I would take action now.

    2. Don't let the package expire

    3. I would renew the domain name only. Then re-point to another host provider (I currently use Hostgator - and no, I am not affiliated with the company). Its few bucks more than 1and1 but IMHO, it's far better to have this flexiblity than having all egges in one basket

    4. Once again, don't focus on savings 6 bucks for the the entire year

    5. The cost for te domain registration with 1and1 is very competitive. I would renew it with 1and1.

    For the record, I currerently have oer 300+ domains with 1and1. Yes, their control panel is less than desirable but you can't beat the price (unless you become an enom reseller). I have observed that most complaints are resulting from poor communication from both 1and1 and buyers.

    good luck!


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    You should speak to 1&1 and do research on other companies. That would be the best way of going about it

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    Thanks guys for your comments. I sent an email to 1&1 support yesterday, asking them questions 1-4. I have yet to get a reply (and it's been over 24 hours). Supposedly the 3yr professional package is not eligible for phone support, so I'm going to wait for their reply.

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