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    Need Info about Dedicated server

    i am looking for a dedicated server for streaming{*Windows (enterprise) Dedicated server to run windows media service}

    At this moment i'm paying 150 us dollers per month for a Dedicated server and they give me2000 gb data transfer per month . i use 127 kpbs/sec for streaming ( i stream tv channel/sports 24 hours). but i have to limit user 20-25 otherwise they shut the system(already done 2 times). they told me to Dedicated Bandwidth Upgrade( so that more ppl can watch the streaming). My site ( ) is a non profitable site. i'm a student and cant spend 150-200 us dollers permonth for server. do u guys know about any windows(enterprise) dedicated server within $150-200 permonth with a good Dedicated Bandwidth .
    Or U have any Good suggetion for me. Pls let me know.takecare

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    If I'm not wrong, you are using ? They meant that you need to buy a dedicated port. For $200/mo, I think you can get a low-end server with 20Mbps unmetered port, but you also need to pay Windows Enterprise license; this may cost you $39/mo. However, just check out Dedicated and Colo Hosting Offers forum, you may find a server with that budget.
    Good luck !
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