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    Cool [For Hire] Web Developer / Designer

    I have been in the industry for going on some 12 years now and have about 6 years experience in just web development / design i currently co-owner of a web hosting company .. i have experinece in photoshop , firework , dreamweaver ceft though macromedia. i also know many scripting programs such as php , asp , xml , jsp , javascrpit just to name a few ..

    i also have experinece in managing network and remote admin though vnc over the years. currently i am working as a freelance on jobs hear and there i would really enjoy a stable job or good contracts ..

    if your looking for a web designer or developer drop me aline i have worked on , , just to name a few and currently working on (under construction)

    Resume upon request

    [email protected]
    [email protected]

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    My website sourcestravel dot com will fetch search results from a query. I also have sourcestravel dot com/dir/ for links directory.
    This directory already has an option to display URL's from description.
    What I need is when a user searches a term in main page the results also should contain a Heading Titled " Results from Our directory"
    and then display any URL's from the directory also.

    In short, one query invokes results from the directory page also.
    I presume this is a simple integration, hence low quote are preferred with immediate work.

    VERY IMPORTANT: The main script has a few pages encrypted.
    However I think, we can make use of the footer.html space to integrate the results from directory. Hence if u need to see the script before bidding, Just sent a Pm along.


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    Hey i have mailed you please get me on msn asap.

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