I recently signed up for a hostgator reseller account. I signed up with them because they have great support, great servers, and give me the ability to create seperate accounts for my 3 websites.

The plan I am currently on costs me roughly $25.00 per month.

I don't nearly use all the space and bandwidth available to me. Since I am on such a super reliable server and am not using all of it, I have decided that I am going to resell the remaining space and bandwidth so the $25.00 per month is less for me and I will be providing very stable service to the people that sign up.

I have 4580mb of space available on the server and 43000mb of bandwidth.

Here is my plan:
For $7.50 per month I am offering 1024mb of space and 10,000mb of transfer. You will also get all the standard bells and wistles such as cpanel, fantastico, rvskin....ect. An important note is that shell access is not available.

I have 3 accounts available to sell and will no longer sell anymore after that. This is not a business for me, but a way to make the hosting bill smaller for me and in turn provide a reliable service to anyone who signs up.

If I sell all these accounts I should break even. If anyone is interested I can help you transfer your site to the server I am on and setup recurring payments via paypal. You will be bound to the same TOS that I am bound to at hostgator.com.

These accounts are great for people who want stable hosting at a fair price.

If you are interested please e-mail or PM me.

I currently have a domain of blastohosting.com where I host my friends and families little websites as subdomains. I also own chrismuench.com and phppointofsale.com as my other websites.


Chris Muench