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    Talking Greetings from Peru

    Hello All, today I started my new Webhosting company.
    I bought a reseller plan from Hostgator. Now I have one costumer (a friend of mine).
    Now, for me all those icons in WHM and CPanel looks quite complex.
    Wish me luck.
    Best Regards

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    welcome to wht! good luck!

    Do you expect most of your customers to be Peru customers?

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    Thank You.
    Yes, I expect that most of my customers are going to be from Peru. Since one of my partners works in the food industry, we are focusing our market in local food companies which wants to sell their merchandise overseas (ie. food spices, olive oil, etc). This is our target market.
    Please excuse me for my English (my native language is Spanish).
    Warm Regards.

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