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    Looking for work as a server administrator

    I am looking for work as a server admin.

    I have experience with the following:
    - A few different linux distros, such as Debian and ArchLinux.
    - Been programming in C for approximately 3 years.
    - Firewalls.
    - Anti-DDoS attacks, prevention, and finding out who is responsible.

    I am in England, and available most hours via MSN or IRC.

    The prices I charge vary for each customer, depending on the workload, but I am very affordable.

    If you are interested or have any questions, please e-mail me at << email removed by request >>.
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    You've mentioned in your post that you're very affordable. Can you define 'affordable'?. In other words what's your hourly fee or project based fee?.
    I can not send you email a PM so could you PM me with the answers. Thank you.

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    It seems I do not have permission to PM, please can you post your e-mail?


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    u can contact me by mail izimail {at yahoo dot com}

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