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    Three non-shared 100/1000mbps servers

    Hello all,

    We currently have three extra servers available with the following specs, and limited time pricing for quick sale:

    One of the following:

    P4 2.8 GHz
    1Gb RAM
    120Gb HD
    100Mbps dedicated port (not shared)
    Fully managed

    $1000.00 monthly w/free setup, OS of choice

    Two of the following:

    AMD Opteron 170 (Supermicro)
    2Gb RAM
    250Gb Hardware RAID-1 (Hot-Swap 3ware)
    1000Mbps dedicated gigabit port (not shared)
    Fully managed

    $1200 monthly for 100Mbps on a 1000Mbps port billed 95/5 (burstable) with overage at $13.00/mbps. Free setup, OS of choice

    Ports can be capped at any speed if the full 100Mbps or bustability is not wanted. We will include a 99.999% uptime SLA.

    BGP Bandwidth is from PullThePlug Technologies in Equinix Ashburn VA, which is regarded some of the best bandwidth out there, both for streaming, gaming, and any other type of latency/speed sensitive application. It consists of the following BGP mix:

    Global Crossing

    Test IP:
    Test download:

    Please contact me directly or via this post for questions regarding this offer.

    Thank you!!!
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