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    * Anyone heard good or bad things about internetrunner? hosting company

    thanks in adv.

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    Run a search on wht at the top, followed by one on google as personally we have no experiance with them.

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    Indeed, thanks.

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    I have not heard of them. It looks like they are using a free site template for their site. Also looks like they have been in business for less than a year which means they are not yet established in the industry, so I would be careful of them.
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    Their site design looks fine to me, many hosts do start out with template from templatemonster and such and thats not a big issue, just try testing their support+sales response time and see how they're.

    I find their site pretty well organized and the billing/ordering system very nice as well.

    Good luck!
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    I do agree their billing/panel setup is fairly well organized. However keep in mind there is no such thing as "unlimited" bandwidth, in that regard I would be somewhat cautious.

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