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    Server Problem

    Hello. Is anyone currently having a problem with Midphase. We have contacted them by phone, email, chat and cannot get a response. We cannot log into the cpanel panel for all of our accounts and there seems to be a problem with php/mysql.

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    How long has this problem been occuring? Did they give you any warning on downtime?
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    Quote Originally Posted by jmcallister
    How long has this problem been occuring? Did they give you any warning on downtime?
    Everything was alright last night. I just found out about this problem about 10am this morning. When i contacted their support by phone they told me that they had no idea what the problem was and said that they would write up a ticket and that the problem would be resolved in a half hour. after an hour had passed i sent them an email and i even talked to someone via chat and they told me that i would need to send a ticket inorder for them to respond to this problem. It has been 4 hours now and we have not gotten a response yet. i just wished that they would at least respond and say that they are working on this problem even if they have not found out what the problem is instead of not saying anything at all.
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    Can you give me your ticket number please? I'm not aware of any outages and I need

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