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    Need Help

    Hello guys,

    I am new to the forum and the market atually you can call be noob. I want to host a site and after reading some topics on the forum i choosed resellerzoom( h x x p: / / w w w.resellerzoom.c o m/) and because it my first attempt and also don't have much cash, i can go for their cheapest deal(5$ pm). I have some confusions in mind and want to clear them before making final decision.

    1. What is difference between

    Add-On Domains
    Sub Domains
    Parked Domains

    2. What is Nameservers?

    3. On page h x x p:/ / w w w.resellerzoom.c o m/budget-reseller.shtml they say that 50 domains/websites can be oploaded and when i click on the domains tab below it says unlimited add-on domains. whats the difference?

    4. I also want to buy a domain, but the domain name server will be a local sever because i want local domain(.pk), so how will i configure the linking?

    5. Lets suppose i get a domain hxxp://w w o m and i want to configure email accounts for this domain, but as mentioned above that the domain server i will be using will be seperate, so how will i configure this?

    6. I think its last one...Can i make my own custom email system and syncronize it with any pop email system.

    thank you in advance.


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    First of all the list of questions should also be emailed to hostingzoom since you want to know about these features before signing up with them.

    1) Addon = for regular users that want to host multiple sites but dont want to pay for Reseller account with WHM Access
    park= goes to

    2) A nameserver or sometimes called a domain name server is a computer with software that maintains a cross-reference between domain names and IP addresses. For example, the IP address may resolve to "". Nameservers are used so people do not have to remember the numerical IP addresses of web sites.

    3) You can manage 50 accounts in WHM, Addon domains can only be managed through indidivdual accounts.

    4) Contact your domain registrar to change nameserver to your new host

    5) It should be fine if its resolving to your host just add it via your host cpanel

    6) You would have to contact your host about that.

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    One clarification on add-on domains. Add-on domains are domains you essentially "park" on a directory within a single account, this allows you to setup multiple sites within 1 cPanel account.

    example >>resolves to>>

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    Quote Originally Posted by felit0
    One clarification on add-on domains. Add-on domains are domains you essentially "park" on a directory within a single account, this allows you to setup multiple sites within 1 cPanel account.

    example >>resolves to>>
    it's correct in cPanel, but it's not correct in others like DirectAdmin and Helm The addon domains will have seperate folders, not in the main folder of main domain

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    6) If you mean hivemail, then yes.. I know hivemail works with cpanel.. If you are not talking about a hivemail type system, then clarify.

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    these are the kind of questions you should send to your host. the answers to some of the questions may differ from host to host. Also, sending these questions to your host will give you an idea on what kind of support you can expect in the future.

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    MySQL 5/5.1

    guys do you know any reseller or normal hosting who offers mysql 5 or 5.1?
    my max badget per month is 5 USD.

    second what are following.
    External Domains
    Alias Domains

    are they same as
    addon domain and
    parked domain respectively

    third what is main difference in reseller and normal hosting with addon domains?

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    5USD p/m wont buy you anything special, but I am sure you could find a host somewhere who runs MySQL 5/.1.

    third: a normal host with addon domains only allows you to have one account which manages multiple domains. a Reseller account allows you to create seperate accounts for seperate domains.

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