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    Woodcrest 5130 vs Irwindale 3.2 Opinions?

    Hey everyone,

    I'm in the need for some new servers, and have been looking at going with what we've got tried and true across our server line with old school 3.2 dual xeons, or investing a bit more money into the 5130 series of processors.

    It's about a 500 dollar difference per server and was wondering if any of you have real world noticable experiences between the two server chips.

    Is it worth investing in the new series? I'm a high performance windows GSP and am always looking to get the most bang for my buck out of our servers.


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    I won't buy anything BUT 5130 machines. They cost savings between a low end dual nocona xeon and a dualcore amd just isn't worth it to me. The power savings are great. The systems are rock solid. The machine has impressed me greatly. For what I do with my servers, I see a 35-40% increase in power and processor availability.
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    Joseph's right about the dual core Xeons - we just ordered a nice healthy stock of these servers ourselves, and comparitively, pricing was really pretty amazing with our distributor. It almost makes it seem crazy to stock the single-core systems at all.
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