I am facing huge losses due to RTG-Asia's provided server. They are reseller of WHP and like most of the WHP clients they claimed that my server has been hacked and i loosed all data. Their claim is similar to all other incident that can be found on webhostingtalk. Most of the clients were said that their box has been hacked and then they unplug server forever not bothering for doewntime and data. RTG-Asia taken the money from me for this month and they were fooling me since 9th that WHP is working on recovering data. Despite my many request in i asked them to put my hacked drive as secondry and provide me with the same box they forced me to wait till yesterday. Yesterday they provided me with AMD in place of P-4 i rejected and reported to paypal in this case paypal will not going to help me but that may help to ban RTG in paypal.
I request you if u are with RTG Asia shift to diffrent place i can provide you with the datacenter which is offer even lesser then RTG-Asia with 99% uptime SLA.