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    CSS text position problem

    This has stumped a few people, hopefully someone here will be able to help

    Basically, on this webpage I've made, the "Posted by Me..." line is too high up. It should sit further down it's DIV, a bit closer to the bottom border. I can't get it to budge though. here's the CSS. I've tried adjusting the top and bottom margins and top and bottom padding of div.main-bottom, the bottom margin of div.main-body. I've also tried tinkering with the line-height. Still can't get it to be in the right place though.

    Any ideas?

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    I made it work by removing these : MARGIN-BOTTOM: 10px; and HEIGHT: 23px; from DIV.main-bottom - now it's at the bottom Hope this helps.
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    Thanks alot, I managed to tweak it a bit with line-height

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