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    WHMCS Discounted Licenses Sale! $9 a Month

    Hey All, I'm a Certified WHMCS Reseller and would like to offer licenses for discounted prices.

    What is WHMCS? Script Website here:
    WHMCompleteSolution is a Client Management, Billing & Support System designed for cPanel and WHM Web Hosts. Integrated directly with the WHM and cPanel server management software, WHMCS can provide your hosting company with high levels of automation and drastically reduce the time you spend administering simple tasks.

    If you are interested visit Hurry! Supplies are limited!

    Leased Licenses: $9.00 a Month ( Save about $5 per month from original site price ) ( I can provide each client a direct login to whmcs ) ( Limited OFFER )!

    Use coupon code 195off to redeem your $1.95 deduction every month. ( New Price: $9/month )

    Owned Licenses: $135 ( Save $24.99 + 1 year free support )
    Renewal Support for Owned Licenses: $25/year

    If I order licenses from you, where can I get support?
    Directly from ( You'll also have a direct license login from their site also )

    What forms of payment method do you accept?
    Paypal Only at the moment

    If you are interested visit Hurry! Supplies are limited!

    Reseller Status Verification:

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    How quickly do you set up once paid for the full license?
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