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    sending a varriable value within url


    I have been using a script for a while which used to send a value to the processing page, all of a sudden its stoped working on all my site..

    this how i use the code

    basically i'm sending a url to the processing page..

    but for some reason it don't work now...

    so to see if the variable "site" is set to what i want , i made a test file, with just this in it


    echo 'test ' .$site. ';


    and all it returns is test..

    can you lot thing what could be the reason..

    this code has been working for over a year on 4-5 sites

    not its not working on any..

    as far as i can tell i have pinned it down to the reason the value of "site" is not being send to the processing page

    would be greatful for any advice and help


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    try this :

    PHP Code:
    'test ' .$site'';
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    If you're not putting any spaces after the $site variable, you could always

    replace this line:

    PHP Code:
    echo 'test ' .$site''

    PHP Code:
    echo 'test ' .$site

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    echo 'test ' .$site. ';

    this is surely not enough the variable $site isnot defined
    Define it by using : $site = $_GET['site'];
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    thanks guys...

    my script is now working by adding

    $site = $_GET['site'];

    its odd why it was working for a year without it..

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    You can get variables from the URL without using the $_GET method if register_globals is on in the server's php.ini. It would seem your host has disabled it (which is always a good idea, security wise) so that's why it broke your script.

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    ^ ok cool thans for that.. learn something new everyday..

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