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    Need Website Built and Quotes from designers


    i am not sure if this is the correct place to post this as i don't need a design built yet i only want quotes for the design.

    so if you would be so kind and leave you email and name and your quote and portfolio link, i will then get back with you neaer the time of the launch of my project, thank you

    this is what needs doing:

    1) i need a web site designed (maybe content) the sites theme must be based on a game style(counter stike, halo,unreal etc..) but must have the chractoristics of a hosting site, yes you have got it i am planning on starting a game server hosting business up.

    example can be found over at

    2)the designer must have knowledge with building game sites!

    3) has to be eye catching to the end user maybe sum flash here and there

    4) need a news script built, and server stats script built ( this task will be done neaer the time of launch)

    there will be other jobs of the desginer/programmer such things will include intergrating the order system and intergrating a forum etc.. and contact forms and live chat etc.. all this will be done neaer the time

    the rules!

    *i must be able to contact the designer with ease as i am from the uk!
    *i would prefer somone that act professional and not a like a KID!
    * and would be willing to work as a long term designer when the project goes live

    please remember i am only looking for quotes at this time as i am still in planning stage of this project and need to sort out money etc..



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    your email please?

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    Hello I would like to work with you on this project, please let me know if you are ineterested, I have three PHP programmer and two designer, I am assuring to you I will give you 100% satisfaction.


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    Can I have your email address to forward quote and contact details ?

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    i think $400-$600 depends on details. Contact me
    HostNodeList Web Host Directory, DEV.INTOEX.COM - products for online business

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