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    I had server loads of 700 one time. Long read maybe you can help

    I have a dual core/dual processor 6GB ram, woodcrest server over at softlayer, hosting a couple smaller sites, and one popular site.

    Most the sites are dynamic serving php/MySQL pages, pretty much only vBulletin forums though. Every once and a while i'll get a listing on a page like which drives roughly 1000 httpd requests to the site constantly and it usually keeps up for a few hours during which the server load starts at around 3 where it is always at, which seems kinda high to me anyway. Then it will rapidly grow to around 700, but it wont crash, cause i guess its a champ like that but at which point its pretty much useless.

    I have a management company, and they reccommend to get another server and cluster them. I decided to order another server identical to the first. Then i decided to switch it to a MySQL server, and simply server the databases from it. Which dropped the load on the Main server back down to like 25 during the listing times where it pretty much stayed. And the load on the MySQL server hasnt even seen 1.0 yet.

    Now i'm left wondering what the deal is, why couldnt the woodcrest handle that many httpd requests when i know of people who have less powerful servers handling that much non stop without a problem. Its a Red Hat server running cPanel and i have no clue what to check or change. I'd really like to be able to serve the sites from one server and save that extra $500 monthly but i do not know much about this type of thing, hence the management company.

    Thanks for any advice!

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    probably it's not optimized enough, or you need to have faster disk for mysql.

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    Well, what you're doing is giving your database completely independent disk / cpu / ram. Depending on what you're actually using, you probably did not need this server. You management company should have told you what sort of a machine you should need from the kind of loads you were getting. If you were using Apache as httpd, you should have had tried one of the other lower overhead servers. Under high stress situations they use their ram and cpu resources in a more efficient manner than the standard Apache + MySQL + PHP stack.
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    It sounds like a ddos mabey, have you checked for that? SL do not have that blocked in the router it goes stright to the server and couses wery high load and a lot of http requests.

    You can ask the teck to check for that....

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    Please check your apache extended status and see what is causing those 1000 httpd processes

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    paste the output of top so we can see how much iowait your server has when it's bogged down. Did you really need cpanel on the box? Cpanel is a resource hog.
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    Do you have eAccelerator installed on the server mate?
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    You should try lighttpd + fastcgi... apache usually gets into trouble around 1000 concurrent connections, especially if some of them are slow ones.

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    What kind of storage is this Woodcrest server using?

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    You can ask your management company why they recommend another server for clustering? CPU problem? not enough RAM? IO issues? As mentioned above, ask them about the optimization as well

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    Thanks for the tips. The 1000 or so httpd requests usually comes from the site, if anyone is familar with it you'll know what havoc it can casue.

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    yeah getting farked can bring a server to it's knees. it's like getting slash dotted.

    I think someone hit a good point above. since you're dedicating a single server for MySQL it's running much cleaner there. Game servers work the same way. you can put a LOT more game servers on one box if they're all the same game. etc etc.

    congrats on having sites getting farked. that's good news.

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