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Thread: Weird Problem

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    Weird Problem

    I noticed my cj account just stopped growing one day so I started looking at one of my sites and found this problem. When I search for a single word everything works fine, But when I search for two words together it screws the design all up.
    1st search for Tahoe. {Works fine}
    2nd search for Tahoe parts {and see what I mean}.

    Any ideas?

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    Have you tried asking James about it - the owner of CJ Designs? He developes these scripts purely by himself, and so if anybody knows how to fix it, he will!

    Also, the forums at could help, they have quite a few active support members there, who have probably heard of this problem before.

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    I think it's a slight tempalte design error he may have wanted the answers to appear in 2 rows but ended up adding the code to the banner just above instead of the text line area. Simple modification if that's what it is. Just contact him. He should fix it easily. - Based entirely on web hosting user reviews
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    Sorry I meant commission junction not cj design. I have no support for this site. It was purshaced from a Namepros member.

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