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    Internet Services Technician Position (Need Help)


    I work for a Community College as an Exam Administrator. Nothing to do with Computers. I'v always liked Computers, especially web page development. I offered myself to build and maintain my department Website since I liked to experiment with PHP. The way the college operates is, the IT people assigns webmasters for each department by means of Frontpage, which ofcourse I found ridiculus. Every page in every department in the College Website uses htm web pages exept me who uses PHP.

    To make a long story short. The IT people found out about it and offered me a position as "Internet Service Technician". They use Windows 2003 Server and Active directory.

    I've never worked directly with this technology. My question is....What should I do, or what should I start learning? I can't get myself a copy of Windows 2003 Server for fainancial reasons. Even worst, the postition asks for an Associates in Applied Science, which I haven't finished. I told this to the IT, but the said it didn't matter as long as I presented my work as experience. I need advice on this. I've worked with PHP and Access under IIS. but not as the administrator of the Server. Where should I start, before I go out and apply for the job. Or should I not considere this until I get more mature in knowledge? I really liked the idea of working for them but need advice.

    thank you.

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    You can get an 120 day evaluation edition of Win2003 to play with to learn.

    Win2003 has simple set up guides, and you can find more on google and come to places like this for help


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    This is an opportunity for you to get in on the ground floor. Just be honest about what you know and what you don't. They've probably already taken that into consideration.

    Find out about training opportunities as well.

    They probably like that fact that you showed some initiative and are willing to overlook the lack of experience.
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    Also, don't assume that your job has to do with Windows 2003 and Active Directory. This might just be the platform that they are using, but not what you will be involved with on a daily basis.

    Ask what will be your responsibilities for your role, and then evaluate as necessary.

    If I had to guess, I think they will put you in a position to administer all the websites (be like a group webmaster) and maybe do some programming of simple things like feedback forms, etc.

    I'm sure they know of your qualifications and experience, and you should look at this in a good way -- they are willing to give you a chance; which obviously means they believe you are capable for the job!
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