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    Thumbs down Nightmare at VPSLand

    Over a month ago I decided to purchase a VPS with VPSLand. The following is my experience with them and I promised to write a review here as some of you might remember:

    I got my VPS after a couple of days as expected.

    The first thing that went wrong is that they never gave me the login details to login to my VPS, after a day they got back to me with that.

    After I set it up and added a couple of sites I noticed that the ram resource's were at 90%+ so I contacted them & they told me I have nothing to worry about and it was normal for this. I thought it seemed very strange but I accepted it for now. A few days later I just got home from been out all day to find all my sites down. I contacted them and they told me it was a ram problem.

    I had to seek out information on the Name Servers setup as they provided absolutely nothing, I couldn't work out what was going wrong and they never told me I need 2 IP's to run my Name Servers, when I eventually found this out it was 3-4 days later. They never told me about this and they should have informed me. I asked them in a ticket why my name servers were not working and they could not help. It took days, maybe a week or more before I could get any sense out of them with the name servers.

    They also close many of my tickets that weren't resolved and even deleted several tickets and then they denied this and knowing anything about it until I proved it to them as I still had a copy sent to my email.

    I also wanted to upload files to my account before the domains resolved and I was not able to do this which caused major problems. After I sent several requests they finally allowed it but by then it was too late.

    I had several domains that I pointed to my VPS which are not showing up or working in my VPS, a month later I have been contacting them and they have still not fixed it. One domain has been pointing to my VPS since the first day and it can not be seen in my vps, they have still not bothered to help with this.

    I have a number of tickets that they never bothered to answer .They lost a number of my tickets that conveniently went missing while my sites went down several times with these tickets and they were very important.

    I have tried to get AW Stats to work since I first setup my VPS and they will not work with my VPS, they even contacted Swoft and came back to me asking to run a series of dos commands, they never gave me proper instructions and I couldn't even understand what they were trying to get me to do. They could have just done this themselves but instead they sent me one message with a pathetic response like this: Please, try to do the following
    > 1) "%plesk_bin%\statistics.exe"
    I'm still waiting after they said they were looking into this plus I have not been able to create custom errors due to another malfunction with the server. again I have waited for weeks for this.

    I also want to make it clear I have hardly even touched the Server, so all these issues were already here before I was even able to use it.

    A couple of days ago my mail server went down for no reason, I was told they a server problem and restarted it for me. It was down for about 12 hours.

    Here is a copy of my email I sent to them yesterday:

    Please tell me what the heck is going on, I'm very unhappy about the service i have had, i have had problem after problem and my VPS I have paid for is not functioning as it was meant to. This is unfair practice and I'm not happy about how I have been ripped off.
    You are not providing answers and are very clearly avoiding providing any support to my tickets.

    I want answers, I want service....

    In fact I would expect a lot more considering the impact your service has had on my business, I could even backup these statements with statistics.

    Before I made the stupid mistake to move my sites to your awful & extremely slow service I was making a living, since I have moved here and had the most terrible time getting anything to work & I have had basically no income. Much of the initial period my sites were setup, the sites went down for days, how much affect that has had on seo will be seen soon and I have already noticed a huge drop in visitors to my sites since I have placed them on your servers.. THIS HAS BEEN A FATAL MISTAKE FOR MY BUSINESS to move to VPSLand.


    I'm going to review your service on several websites and forums and so far I have had a nightmare. I will provide the facts and will remember all this ...
    Here is there response:

    We do value our customers greatly at VPSLAND and have been working with you diligently on all these issues. (thats a joke, still waiting weeks for tickets to be answered) We apologize that your are unhappy with your VPS but can certainly understand. We'll be giving you a full refund today and will give you through the weekend to migrate or copy your data off your VPS. Let us know if you need any additional time as we'll definitely work with you.
    right after that all my websites went down and my VPS was stopped as I have an email from someone that I asked to go to one of my sites and he told me the page was unavailable.

    I then checked and yes all my sites had been down since my last email to them. Go figure... now they have told me they are going to stop my account and I have spent a month to get this setup so I can run my 20 odd sites I have with them.

    Here is my response to them...

    How dare you stop my VPS and I just found out that you stopped my VPS
    after I sent my last message. I woke up this morning to see all my sites
    down AGAIN and I have my business colleagues emailing me about my sites
    not working and I had very important reasons for them to be viewing my

    I will not be moving my sites this weekend or anytime in the near future
    as I'm far to busy for that right now and I have just spent over a month
    getting your VPS to function so I don't have time for this right now.

    I'm very, very angry at this and you will be hearing a lot more from me

    I'm currently writing a review

    They also offered free ram upgrade due to all the issues I had plus the sites been down all the time and I then checked my bank account a few days later to see they had debited a full month plus the upgrade from my account even though I was only about 20 days into my first month. I contacted them about that and they never responded.
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    Sorry to hear that. I hope you find other host wich provide you a real support.

    If understand right you have Windows running in your VPS? If that, I have learned that it used much more RAM than Linux. If possible move in Linux VPS and take plan where minimum 512MB guaranteed RAM comes. Then you should host several websites there, even if they are popular.

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    thanks, I agree that it looks like I will have to buy more ram next time and yes Windows does seem to use more. One of my tickets I sent to them was to ask about this & how much ram etc I should use but they ignore that ticket as well. I have to use windows for these sites as they run on windows database's etc.

    its tough as I have spent the last month setting all this up plus I moved all my linux sites to another host and have had to setup all those, around 100 sites. so now to do this all over again really is my worst nightmare as I'm currently attending a business course for another 2 weeks and have so many things on. To move all my windows sites again plus a couple of php sites will at least take me a week and that is if everything goes smoothly which I doubt.

    It's also hard because I have hardly made any income lately due to all the down time and google etc not sendng me any traffic now due to all the errors and down time.
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    Is it possible to think shared hosting for Windows accounts? If yes, I have some experience from and it's seems working fine and phone support works.
    There is no Helm or like that only their own Control panel, but servers seem working well and price is also quite good. Not good for reselling purpose, but your own use.
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    hey thanks for trying to offer some ideas but its really much more complicated than just moving everything to shared hosting. In fact I moved all my sites from shared hosting to the VPS as I was tired of MySQl going down on shared hosting so I decided to move all my sites, windows & Php sites. most of my php sites were moved to another host and that is only temporary until I find something better later. The problem is with the sites I have on VPSland (around 20 ASP sites and a few php sites) is that they are not sites that can be moved in a few minutes, they are established sites that run on databases and have been developed over years and setting them up each time I moved hosts can take hours for each site.

    It's just not an option for me to do all this right now and this is what I'm mad about that VPSland have decided for me that I will be moving all these sites this weekend.

    what I want is for them to provide the service they claim on all their marketing and promotional material and give me what I paid for. Once I find the time in about 1 month I will definitely move all my sites to a professional VPS solution but I can't do this right now.
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    They got back to me with this (they are following this thread. I hope anyone else considering VPSLand are warned : my added comments with *

    First, let me say that your server has not been shut down. We have verified successful connectivity to your server over HTTP. (*thats untrue as it was down since 8 hours or so and its only working now because I restarted it).

    Next, I must tell you that your remarks of late, despite our continued desire to help you through your issues, provide you with free RAM (*again a lie, I was charged), and even provide you with a full refund (as of this morning) simply will not be tolerated. We have been nothing less than cordial to you throughout the challenges you have faced and, in turn, have been presented with statements from you such as "I have been ripped off", "stupid mistake", "I hate VPSLAND" (in one of the threatened, recent postings). This morning we stated that "We'll be giving you a full refund today and will give you through the weekend to migrate or copy your data off your VPS (*you expect me to do in one weekend what it has taken me a month to do with your lousy serivce????) ." and freely offered any additional time you needed for us work with you. This again was met with blatant hostility from you, a scathing review and at the same time you stated that "I will not be moving my sites this weekend or anytime in the near future".

    The fact is, that you now have 24 hours to backup and/or move your content. Your account has been canceled and your server will be shutdown at 9:30pm EDT - September 16, 2006.
    All I can say is that again I really hate VPSLand and I will make it my life mission from now to warn every person I can that this service is the most corrupt service I have ever encounted in 10 years of working on the Internet.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Right Hosting
    offered any additional time you needed for us work with you
    Sounds like they were willing to work out with you. Maybe a bad move posting that sort of thing while you wish to stay with them. :-)

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    After I complained about the terrible service they asked me to move in 24 hours, thats unacceptable and yes they said I could have a bit of extra time if required, what another 2 hours? Now the have told me they are shutting down my account.

    Maybe they forgot to ask me what I had planned for this weekend. One thing I did not have planned was to move over 20 sites and set them up on a new server.

    I have only posted the facts, I'm not hiding anything, I have posted both good & bad.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JohanRHCE
    Sounds like they were willing to work out with you. Maybe a bad move posting that sort of thing while you wish to stay with them. :-)
    did you signup just to post this important message, I believe you are from VPSLand. Maybe it was a bad move for them, its fine to smile about only having less than 20 hours to move my sites, in fact there is 26 sites to move.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Right Hosting
    did you signup just to post this important message, I believe you are from VPSLand. Maybe it was a bad move for them, its fine to smile about only having less than 20 hours to move my sites, in fact there is 26 sites to move.
    funny. Actually been looking at VPS reviews. Came here and your post was at top of vps forum. Sorry to reply to you. good luck friend

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    They have disabled backing up my sites now, I was half way through backing up my websites and now I can't back them up so I can move them...

    ok after checking it looks to be a disck space error and not enough space to backup the sites now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Right Hosting
    They have disabled backing up my sites now, I was half way through backing up my websites and now I can't back them up so I can move them...
    sites below your signature work good from Sweden

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    Quote Originally Posted by JohanRHCE
    sites below your signature work good from Sweden
    the top one is hosted elsewhere. the sites are working but when i go to back up using the download option in the vps (this is not meant to be saving any files to disc) I now get an error to say there is no disc space left.
    I'm sorry to accuse you as been from them, I'm just weary when I see the first post.
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    I got an email from them to say basically that they will give me up to 2 weeks to move as long as I stop the threats and make public, apology to the support team for the threats/remarks.

    Ok well I have to as I have no option otherwise my websites will all go down and there has been too much down time lately and my business is falling apart from this...

    I'm sincerely sorry to make the threats I wrote and will cease on that and will stop public posting about it.

    I'm not sorry for been upset although I have had a reason to with the waiting time I have had to endure and the issues mentioned above. If you can't reply to a support ticket you should at least tell the customer why and give them a rough time frame.

    Its also unacceptable to give a customer 24 hours notice to move their business and set up 26 websites on a new host.

    Anyway I apologize for going over the top or whatever, now just let me move my sites in 2 weeks and I will forget it.
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    Now after my last mesage I contacted them straight away as below... I wrote the following message hours ago and have had no response, the websites are all down which I have listed below. See this is why I have gone to a forum because I get no response otherwise. I will write the details here ...

    I really want those domains working and this needs to be done now not tomorrow etc as they are still here until I move which was the agreement. please at least tell me you are trying to find out the problem and time frame..

    I'm posting this message below again and it should be at the highest priority,

    since I started to back up some sites earlier I have had problems with those sites now.

    Some of them I backed up are now working and others are not. I only used the "Save to file" back up when i did the backups of about 7-8 sites. I also found I could no longer back the sites up due to a disk space error even though I had only used the "download only" option, anyway the first problem is to get the sites working again as below...

    The backup issue is not as vital but first I would like to get these sites working again. I found when I logged into Remote desktop > IIS I could see most of the sites I had backup were all showing (stopped) next to them, I restarted each one but as mentioned above not all of them are working now?
    I also noticed that system plesk sites like "Microsoft Sharepoint" , "Administration" were also showing the "stopped" next to them so I restarted all of them that were.

    Maybe the server needs a reboot, i already restarted the vps which did not fix it? I'm scared to try to backup the rest of the sites now.

    Here is a list of the sites that are not working:
    and 5 others not listed here...
    you see this is what I have had to deal with since the begining, I hope I came across in a nice way this time but still supplying the facts and why you need to improve your service.

    What customers want is when sites go down they want to know something has been done about it and not ignored, this was about 10 hours ago now and not one resopnse from you since, but when i posted on the forum earlier you were on to me with in minutes....

    I have just changed the name servers now to a new host but they will probably be down for some time unless VPSland can get on to it which looks doubtful.
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    It looks more like a dns issue. Are you able to ping your own ip address?
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    If you do not know how to take care of DNS issues or that they take ip's to use - why are you buying a VPS? They take some knowledge to run and the DNS / IP issue you say you so not know how to do it baby talk for a VPS.

    I am sick up and fed of people whinning and gripping about all the various VPS providers!

    Peoples VPS's are not for everyone.

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