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    Which e-mail client is the Best?

    I keep hearing that outlook is insecure.

    Is there any program that you like and recommend?

    I need all of the features of outlook and the ability to send html emails.

    and I have about 6 accounts.

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    I don't like Microsoft but Outlook XP is really a great client. Since they fixed the "Profile Mess" in this Version (XP) it is really a great tool.

    Also I have f.e. a Siemens SX45 which is a PocketPC. You need Outlook on the PC side for that. Mandatory!

    Also a lot of my corporate clients here in Greece run Exchange Server... also an "Outlook must have" scenario.

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    Sylpheed all the way! Lean, mean, and fast!

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    Hmmm......I can only recommend a single email client: Calypso! And that's from testing probably every email client ever on the market for Winders. Calypso does something the others don' saves all your mail(and info) in a single file.....and that file is portable.....back it up, archive it, etc. Reopen at a later date. Keep one file for one person's email, another file for another, and their info is separate(though you can also have multiple accounts under a single file!), but the portability, archiving features are amazing! I won't use anything else......and though it's powerful, it also has security features that protect it more than MSO and MSOE have.

    You "can" run use HTML mails, but I don't like to for security reasons......and think about it....unless you have ALL the protection in the world, if a virus is encoded into an HTML file that's sent as mail(as many have been), you leave yourself WIDE open for it! That's my feeling on that......

    Though it's not being developed anymore, it's still the kick buttest email program out there, and the only one that even comes close to what I'd call "ideal".......

    Get it for free at:

    Take care...

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