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    Dc in Indianapolis

    Does anyone know of any good DC's in the Indianapolis Indiana area? I live just up the road so it would be great not to have to drive to Chicago to lay hands on if needed.

    Thank You
    Mark Wilhite
    Moonshyne Communications LLC

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    btw, welcome to wht. ?

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    Thank You
    Been a member since 2003 I just dont make posts.

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    How much space and bandwidth??? Approx Budget? - colocation, dedicated and cloud quotes

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    I am in indiana to, looking for a close to home colocation(45 minutes sw of indy) My budget for a SINGLE server 1U is around 150 a month...What could that get me?

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    I currently rent a server from ColoStore (in Indiana), and I've been really happy with the service there. Pricing is very favorable, and support has been great on the few occasions that I've needed them. There's been a couple blips in network connectivity lately with Level(3) that's caused me a few minutes of downtime, but I believe they are currently working on bringing in additional carriers to diversify their connectivity a bit more. Overall I would consider them to provide the best value (pure bang/buck) of all the places I rent servers from today. From a colo standpoint, they were one of handful of places that didn't immediately give me sticker shock with their 1-2U colo pricing.
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