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Thread: Noisy DVD Drive

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    Noisy DVD Drive

    Hey guys... My computer is about a year old and for some reason my dvd drive is getting noisier... kinda sounds like a loud hum like it is really spinning the cd really fast. Anyone know what can be causing this or how to fix? The DVD drive works fine... it just seems to be making more noise. And sometimes I will even have to open the dvd drive after reboot because it will just keep spinning/making noise. Opening and closing it seems to stop it after rebooting.

    Thanks for any help.
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    maybe theres something inside? thats covering the laser like dust or somethign thats fallen in, so then the laser cant read the cd and carries on trying, or if not try sending it back to tbe shop or manufacturer, see if they can do anythign with it, they can give you a new one for free

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