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  1. writing a contract

    I am in need of getting a contract put together for a up coming job and I was wondering if most people are writing their own contracts or using a kind of "template"? This will be for setting up a shopping cart.

    Sorry if this is in the wrong section, I wasn't sure where to post.

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    It's always advisable to consult legal advice in drafting a contract. If budget is an issue, you can try to search for a template and modify accordingly to your needs.

    State clearly the project scope, what is involved and what's going to be delivered and how it's going to be delivered and when is the deadline.

    IMHO, the major issues that often happen is the payment disagreement.

    - The total amount of the project cost
    - How are you going to be paid.
    - When will it be paid.
    - If it's not paid then what terms and conditions have to be met
    - If extra requirements are needed during the project phase, how the payment terms will justified that.

    Another thing I've recently encountered..

    - state clearly on the project deadline and under what circumstances the project deadline can be extended and what happened if it's not met
    - If either party wants to terminate the contract early, what are the terms have to be met and under what circumstances either party has the right to terminate the contract

    The above is a suggestion on the general areas that will be needed for a contract and you may have to add on to more as you deem fit.

    Hope it helps...

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    I do not have my contract book here... but one thing I would add to the above post... ensure you know who will own copyright to the end product.... even if things go south.

    If you are having it built for you, you might add a clause that states you are not responsible for copyright issues (ie developer using products from another company or something). While that might not keep you from getting sued, it might help in court. Dunno, never had to use it (thank god)... but I include in all my contracts...
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