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    Windows Dedicated

    Where could I get the best deal for something like a;

    Intel Celeron or P4
    60GB harddrive or more
    500GB bandwidth or more
    Windows Web 2003

    In like chicago, dallas, or somewhere close there.

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    I would recommend a standard 2k3. Why buy a limited server...

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    If you want Chicago, are pretty good.

    I have a server with them and have never looked back. Extremely fast, decent connection etc.

    If you find a reseller you can get better deals as well. - VPS Control Panel
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    We have a Windows Server through that's located in Chicago. I think they have an AMD 3000+ system (which is much better then a Celeron) for $99

    Especially if you're hosting a game server Steadfast is the way to go Network is A+ for gaming
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