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    ftp flooding attacks

    i keep getting ftp flooding, same ip opens many sessions. if i catch them i null route the ip, but thats after the fact.

    is this related to anon ftp?

    is there a cure, like how do i kill anon ftp if thats the opening these maggots are using.



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    which FTP daemon are you running? Anonymous FTP should always be killed if you are not using it to serve files, because it is a security risk.

    If you think you are seeing a lot of Anonymous FTP connections, but are not sure, take a look at your FTP log files to see what is happening...alternatively install a program like LogSentry:

    That will give you a daily readout of unusual events.

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    If you think its anon FTP, then do a search on your server for .nfo files

    Then look inside them and see what ya find...

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