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    Who are they.....any knowledge would be highly appreciated.

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    Their website sure doesn't say much except that they are located in Isreal. How did you hear about them?
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    Quote Originally Posted by stymiee

    Their website sure doesn't say much except that they are located in Isreal. How did you hear about them?
    They are processing for couple of online pharmacies i know.....seems they are not very fond of replying through myself is also looking for some processing options.....if some one can suggest some ofshore solution kindly PM asap.

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    ALARM! Scammers!

    You'd better stay away from them. We used to work with them, and they were quite OK for a while, but after some time we noticed that at the end of each month they were stealing money from our account by making our current balance "0" instead of rolling it to next month, and they acted as if it were OK.

    Then we stopped cooperating with them, and now it is a big issue to receive even 10% hold from them. They would always forget about the time when payment is to be made, and tend not to reply to e-mails.

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    Rx Payments specializes in advanced e-commerce solutions ensuring the ongoing success of point-of-purchase for internet pharmacies located in countries around the world. We provide customized solutions for international credit card processing and merchant services, secure database management services, fraud management and reporting services. Please call our North American merchant support center at (866) 707-8961 during our office hours (8:00 AM to 8:00 PM EST) or email [email protected] for further information.

    Found this US based contact number while searching for information on this company since they placed an unauthorized charge against my CC.

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    I am desperately looking for offshore processor

    I am desperately looking for offshore processor. I have been operating for 2 years +, with 4 processor. 2 of them have ran off with my money. The third one, I am still negotiating with them to get my money. The forth one has the longest working relationship. But their charges are high, only accept visa and only 50% of my transaction goes through.

    I was hopeful rx-payments can help.

    Any information about will be greatly appreciated. Thank you

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    albert789, do you have an email address?

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