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    How do google ads work?

    Hi guys... I was just wondering how google ads work... I have been getting in-between 1 cent and 80 cents per click on my ads. Usually is on the lower side. Now how does it work? I thought the higher paying ads were always supposed to display, and lower paying ads were not? If so, wouldn't the 1 cent ads never show up? Just a little confused and need some tips.

    Also, I have some image and text based ads. Anyone know which kind pays more in general? From what it seems, perhaps text ads pay better.

    If you would like to check out my site and let me know what you think: Otherwise, any suggestions about what’s up with these google ads would be nice.



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    Your site is crawled by the Adsense Crawler and ads are served based on the content of that page. If no relevant ads are available or your site is new then quite often you are served with what are termed as service ads, sometimes these are banners/images, I think these are the ones that pay 1 cent but it's a while since I've used Adsense myself.

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    Quoting Adsense Help Center

    Will I earn more with image ads?

    While we can't make any guarantees about the earnings potential of image or text ads, we believe that image ads will prove to be a high-performing option for publishers looking to monetize their pages. In fact, we show image ads when they have a higher value to you than the corresponding set of text ads that might otherwise run in the same slot.
    Images usually attract the eye more than text, that's why they are supposed to give more clicks but it's not guaranteed that it generates more income

    my 0.02$ ^^

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    It does attract the eye more.... but the whole adsense thing is really strange. One day I make $10 and the next day $0.00 One day I'll have a 40% CTR and the next 1%. Some of the ads I get 75cents a click others 1 cent. Google Adsense is very strange sometimes :p

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    The only adsense ad I see on your site is at the bottom of the page. Have you considered placing more ads above the fold? I think you would get better results if you inserted som text ads in the top portion of the page, and used some careful blending to make it all look nice.

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    I did have a banner ad. Told it looked bad, so i just left an ad in the footer. However, I think I might put a banner ad back up.

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