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    Portable Broadband...what is it?

    A local store here has it for $34.95 a month with a 1 year contract or $44.95 a month without.

    Purchase a battery and go completely wireless with a laptop.

    Finally, the broadband service youíve been waiting for has arrived--Portable Broadband!

    Portable Broadband is a perfect choice for mobile users, or users who want broadband, but couldnít get it until now.

    The Portable Broadband modem is just that - portable! Each tower has a range of up to 12 miles meaning you can take your broadband connection all over town or even out into the country-side without having to worry about finding a WiFi hotspot. With Portable Broadband, you can have blazing Internet speeds at home, at the office, in your car, at a restaurant, or all around town. Best of all, there are no external antennas or dishes, and you arenít tied to phone or cable service to get it.

    Download speeds are up to 1.5 Mbps with upload speeds up to 550Kbps. There are no external antennas or dishes, and customers are not tied to phone or cable service.

    I'm guessing the tower is less then 3 miles from me.

    are they using cell phone towers?. I wonder if it sucks like satellite internet?

    I can't get DSL and my cable company sucks during the day i get good speeds but at night i get 100-200 kb a sec this just started i don't know what happen.

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    This 'Portable Broadband" has been out for a while.
    You can get it through most Cell Phone providers.

    Cingular, Verizon, and Sprint has it(that I know of)
    I personally have Cingular's wireless broadband, and it works very very good.
    Your laptop needs a PCMCIA slot, and you will be rolling.
    They are using the cell towers, the closer you are, the better.
    Pings are o.k., they range from about 60-200ms.

    Good luck!


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    I connect my phone to my laptop - Using GPRS, I get a 480kbps connection.
    It costs me only £10.00 a month on top of my existing mobile line rental and I get broadband in 99.9% of the country...
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    Quote Originally Posted by stealthdevil
    I connect my phone to my laptop - Using GPRS, I get a 480kbps connection.
    It costs me only £10.00 a month on top of my existing mobile line rental and I get broadband in 99.9% of the country...
    Who's that with? I'm guessing its not T-Mobile since I get my T-Mobile GPRS a little cheaper then £10. Not really seen anyone else offering cheap GPRS..
    It's Scott!

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    I want it to replace my broadband serivce that i have now.

    Not really interested in it being portable.

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    Sounds more like a wisp to me. I do believe that with EV-DO (such as Verizon/Sprint) the max upload is around 120kb which conflicts with the 400-500 he is talking about above. And cell towers range from about 6-8 miles (approx) 12 miles is pushing it, especially claiming you could get those speeds.

    Verizon and Sprint clearly state in the AUP/TOS that it is NOT to be used as a primary connection. And unlimited is indeed limited.

    It is worded odd though.

    CPUNut, where are you located? What is the name of this service? Do you have a link?
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    Yeah the thing i found don't use a cell phone.

    heres a link.

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    Hmm.. According to my research, this service utilizes WiMAX.

    And it appears that the modem would be something from this company

    And if you read deeper into the site that you gave me, it will explain where you can get service, and how its better the closer to the tower you are.

    Check out for user reviews. Sounds like you would be ok given that you said you wouldnt be worried about its portability. Some people talk about mounting an antenna on the outside for optimum connections.

    Good luck!
    You are unique, just like everyone else.

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    Pakistan plans largest mobile WiMax rollout
    By David Meyer
    Special to CNET

    Published: May 23, 2006, 11:34 AM PDT

    Pakistan plans to roll out the largest mobile WiMax network yet, Motorola announced Tuesday.

    Motorola is providing the country's Wateen Telecom with an 802.16e-based Motowi4 network. An initial uptake of a million subscribers is expected, with a nationwide rollout to follow.

    As a developing country, Pakistan has until now lacked the infrastructure for widespread broadband.

    The deployment is a milestone in the spread of WiMax, a superfast wireless technology that has a range of up to 30 miles and can deliver broadband at a theoretical maximum of 75 megabits per second. The 802.16-2004 standard, which is used in fixed WiMax networks, is being skipped in favor of a large-scale introduction of 802.16e, which was only recently agreed upon by the WiMax Forum.

    "We made the decision 18 months ago to jump over (802.16-2004) and go straight to 802.16e," Paul Sergeant, Motorola's marketing director for Motowi4, told ZDNet UK on Tuesday. "We've been working on it for a while, which is how we're able to ship so soon after agreement."

    "802.16e leads to a much larger market as it addresses mobility needs, but we also felt it could be just as good a solution for fixed broadband," he added.

    Some analysts said the Pakistan deal is proof that major players in the industry are throwing their weight behind mobile WiMax in a way they haven't with the fixed version.

    "The really interesting thing is that Motorola is really focusing on the mobile version, as are Alcatel and Siemens," Julien Grivolas, a telecom analyst at Ovum, said.

    In other news:
    HP scandal revives 'pretext' legislation
    Is open source getting to Microsoft?
    Airport security meets sci-fi Extra: Play 'FarCry,' earn $300,000
    Video: 'The Simpsons' on your mobile phone?
    "Mobile WiMax is going to be something for the big players, as opposed to fixed WiMax, where (they) set up OEM (original equipment manufacturer) agreements with smaller vendors," Grivolas said.

    On Tuesday, Motorola also made its first public demonstration of third-party interoperability of its WiMax products. At the WiMax World Europe Conference in Vienna, it showed off a third-party PCMCIA card that incorporates a mobile WiMax chip from Beceem Communications.

    "The market is looking for carrier class (802.16e) solutions that either support mobility from the beginning or can be upgraded," Sergeant said.

    David Meyer of ZDNet UK reported from London.

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    I used it and I got very nice speeds at the edge of the city of Lahore.

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