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    Question cPanel DNS Only/ Failover

    I have a DNS Only cPanel server in place and I want to establish a Failover using another mirrored DNS server I just built. Can anyone tell me if this is possible through the DNS cluster? If so how you I go about setting this up.

    I am trying to put this in place because named tends to go up and down here and there.

    Any help would be most appreciated..........

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    if you want a server that isn't a part of the cpanel dns clustering scheme you could easily set a job that is a part of the named/bind restart routine.

    Have said script rsync your /var/named/* contents and your /etc/name.conf to the secondary dns system using rsync over ssh and ssh keys. Then use sshcontrol to recycle ssh on the secondary passive server to pickup zone changes.

    OR, you could just make it a tiered cpanel dns cluster system.

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