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    Registering Name Servers ( or and
    is the same regisrar.

    I am wanting to create New Nameservers, that point to my New Server
    I know how to change nameservers, this is not what i am needing.
    I have many domains, one of which is I have a new dedicated server, and want to create nameserver . So that i can change the nameservers of my other domains to and also point them at my new server.

    I have looked at FAQ, and TUTORIALS although nothing is in their. I have contacted them, they pointed me to this form:

    ^ As you can see. I have entered the information i thought it needed. Although this hasent done anything i dont feal.

    Feal free to check and shouldent show that site down page.

    I hope you can help me. I also intend to write this as a tutorial, as well as video how to do it.

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    the image is to setup dns not register a nameserver

    contact them again and see how it can be done and tell them you want to registe ra nameserver not point 'A' record of
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    Ahh i see. Ill email them now.

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